Beginner’s in-depth guide to plotting hard drives for BURST mining

Xplotter Guide

So when I first started it took me quite a while to get to grip with plotting. I’m very comfortable with it now but information is a bit all over the place. I’ve compiled everything i have learned here in a single tutorial for beginners.

Beginner’s in-depth guide to plotting hard drives with XPLOTTER

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Low cost high capacity SMR hard drives for your Burst mining setup.

Seagate Backup Plus Hub

If you are mining Burst right now (and why wouldn’t you be….), it’s likely that you are looking for low cost high capacity drives to add to your rig. Seagate Backup Plus Hubs come in various sizes up to 8TB and are amazing value at just £179 in the UK. It also serves as a USB 3.0 hub with 2 ports although I’ve made no use of these so far. At this price I have no problem tearing the device down and whipping out the SATA drive inside to first fill up my SATA ports, then add more to USB 3.0 externally.

The only minor downside to these external drives (and some others, from Western Digital for instance) is the fact that they are “Shingled Magnetic Recording” or “SMR” drives. These cannot be plotted directly but with a spare “PMR” drive (conventional parallel magnetic recording), you can still come up with a strategy to efficiently plot and mine with them.

I made a short guide on how I do this recently here >> How to use SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) hard disk drives for BURST mining

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